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Foster Mamma and Sweetie on adoption day
Foster Mamma
Blogs at: Attempting Agape
Foster Mamma is a foster and adoptive Mom.  The things that make her run are coffee, friends, blogging, photography, painting and cleaning.  She was licensed for foster care in 2010.  Since then, she has had 13 short term and 7 long term kids come and go.  She recently adopted a sweet little thing who is appropriately named, Sweetie, for the purposes of the blog-o-sphere.
Habesha & E

Habesha Child
Blogs at: Let Unfold
Habesha Child is a adoptive Mom of a delightful almost-six-year old girl, E. Besides doing the single mom thing, Habesha Child works fulltime in a pretty demanding gig, tries and fails to work out regularly, and enjoys getting out to eat and drink once in a while and all-too-rare time with friends and family. She decided about a year ago to finally pull the trigger on adopting a second child, also from Ethiopia. She and E. are looking forward to welcoming Little Brother into the family in the next year.

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Blogs at: Young, Single, and Adopting and Living a RAD Life
Bessy is the adoptive Mom of three boys (currently 8, 4, and 3)who came to her as a foster placement three years ago.  The boys have a variety of issues due to their early childhood trauma that they have been working hard to overcome.  Bessy works with Beyond Trauma and Attachment (BeTA) to help other families who are working through trauma and attachment issues.  She enjoys to cook and bake and watches way too much television!  She is currently opening her home back up to help more foster children and hopes to adopt again in the future.

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aka. Mimi
Blogs at:  I Must Be Trippin'
Mimi is a single, full-time working mom with an obnoxious cat, daughter, sister, friend, cool aunt, honorary "mom", honorary "grandma", bio mom to none, but foster mom (aka. "Mimi") to seven kiddos and counting over the past 4 1/2 years...  Mimi is in the unique position of having been able to maintain extremely close relationships with all of her long-term foster children and their families, and has even continued to be "Mommy" to her second foster son "Monkey" over a year after he was returned to his father's care.  Mimi currently has one foster placement, 9-month-old "Bug," whose case is headed towards TPR in September and (hopefully) adoption soon after!  Most days she thinks "I Must Be Trippin'" when she talks about all of the craziness that is Foster/Adopt Land in one breath, and how much she loves her life in the next. Because she does love my life, and she wouldn't change a thing.