The heart of this site is creating a community who seeks to support, encourage and develop real relationships with other single foster and adoptive parents.

To do this, we need to share. Creating friendship requires some work.

So if you want to do an blog post, ask you become a contributing blogger or just send your post to and state that you want it posted on the FSP blog. I will share it.

If you want to share photos - do the same thing. Email, let me know you want it posted. Just remember that this is a public blog so no photos of foster kids.

Comment on what people are writing especially Introductions. We can only get to know each-other by interacting, so interact. If you haven't commented much, check out the Introduction section and say hi, welcome that person to the crew, ask them a question, tell them about your cat. Whatever.

Once you've done that, check out the Who we are section and try to get to know one or two of the bloggers by clicking on the All posts by... under their bio, check out their other blog if they have one. Get to know them, try to remember their story. Then tell them about your cat.

Looking forward to having you be a part of this community!